One of the meals I like to keep ingredients around so that I can treat friends to an impromptu meal is Haystacks.  This is an ideal meal for summer because if you already have the beans there is very little to prep involving heat.   I generally make up a large batch of refried beans and freeze it in 4 serving sizes.  Then all you need to do is microwave it or warm them on the stove.  When canned refried beans go on sale at our food co-op, I stock the pantry with a dozen or so for camping trips or unexpected guests.  The Eden brand does not use BPA in their can liners so that makes me feel better about opening up a can.  Refried beans, scrambled eggs a tortilla shell and some salsa also make a quick & impressive breakfast.

Boucci’s family has always called this dish “Haystacks”.  I’m not certain where the “hay” part of it comes from…perhaps the high piling on the plates like you do with a barn or trailer at harvest time?  Nice, big smiles abound from friends when they load up their plates like Scotty here Scotty Q works up a healthy appetite by being a bike frame maker extraordinaire and cyclist.  He and Boucci have been great friends since they met in a class in junior high.  Scott’s life revolves around his passion of bicycles and he has had many brilliant wins during his racing career.  All of the cool riders I know have one of his sweet custom rides.  Here is a link to wet your appetite.  Alas, I dream of the day that I can join the cool ranks.  🙂  Right now I am only half-cool since I stoke our custom tandem.  They say your happiness goes back to normal within a week of a new purchase, but I can say that every time I ride the tandem, my happiness quotient goes up and I appreciate it.  My kneecaps are also thankful since they don’t bang the handlebars like our old steed.

These are the goods you need in order to transform hungry bellies into satiated ones:

corn chips*

cheese (I generally use pepper jack or a combo of it w/ a nice melting cheddar or mozzarella)

refried beans





*These Michigan made corn chips are what we have been grooving on lately

Just to forewarn you, Scotty was right on when he said “What!  Do they put nicotine in these things?”


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2 responses to “Haystacks

  1. Susan

    Looks good! Do I just layer in the order of the given ingredients with chips at the bottom?

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